LOS ANGELES – New IMAX Virtual Reality experience She Won offers viewers the chance to experience an America without Donald Trump.

Yesterday on Fairfax Avenue, LA saw the unveiling of the flagship IMAX VR center. Viewers in 14 pods had the opportunity to experience reality without Donald Trump. Director Arnold Mercurio talked EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec:

The idea is simple. You get to see the same new programs and award shows but the President has been replaced with the one who actually won the popular vote by over three million votes. There’s no Muslim Ban, no references to a Winter White House, no sabre rattling with China and no collusion with Russia.

Although the audience is largely expected to be made up of disgruntled Democrats, some Republicans are also enjoying the experience. John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger both bought a ticket and Ivanka Trump briefly visited and noted with delight that her clothing line was doing really well.

She Won will go on general release Friday.

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