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HOLLYWOOD – News just in, Ice Cube is to star in a revamped all male reboot of the classic crime series Murder She Wrote.

N.W.A. rap star and Boyz in the Hood actor Ice Cube is to star in a new version of Murder She Wrote, it was revealed today. Ice Cube has been cast as Jessica Fletcher, everyone’s favorite crime solving detective/novelist, who was played in the original series by Angela Lansbury. Ice Cube popped over to the Studio Exec hot tub to talk EXCLUSIVELY about his new role:

I remember watching Murder She Wrote when I was growing up in Compton. There wasn’t a lot of lightness in my hood, but for sure there was a f*ck of a lot of murder so I felt it every time Jessica went somewhere and some shit went down and some asshole got smoked. I was like, this be real. Even when we were touring I’d have someone send me the cassettes so I could catch up on it. It was great. Also Jessica Fletcher is someone who is caught between two worlds. On the one hand she’s a writer, a creator and on the other she’s a detective, a participant. And I felt that reflected my career right down the line. I was always a reporter of the world I saw outside my door, but I couldn’t pretend I was not involved because I was.

So how much is going to change? 

Nothing. Not a Goddamned thing. It’s going to be me Ice Cube, but I’ll be playing Jessica and I love what Angela did with the role so I’m going to make sure that my own performance of Jessica is going to be like a tribute more than anything else.

You mean they’re not going to change the name?

Nope. That would be like making ET but instead of having an Alien just having someone from the next town over. The script they gave me there was a change in name and neighborhood and style and all that bullshit, but I said ‘Hell, no!’ and I got them to put all that shit back just exactly like it was.

Does that mean… you’re going to do it in a dress?

What motherf*cking century you living in son? Jessica wears pant suits most the Goddamned time. And so what if I might wear a dress from time to time as the season changes? What’s that got to do with anything? Are you gonna tell Ice Cube in a dress that Ice Cube can’t be in a dress?

Murder She Wrote will be broadcast in June 2016.

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