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HOLLYWOOD – Lionsgate announce that there will now be a The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 will be followed by a further film, tentatively titled The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 3.

Just as fans were preparing for the final installment of the Hunger Games franchise it has been decided to further divide the final book into another part – The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 3. Director Francis Lawrence dropped by the Studio Exec Bungalow to explain the studio’s thinking.

The signs for Mockingjay Part 2 are really good. We’re going to make a lot of money and get a lot of people going to see the film which is excellent. But the thing is as it stands this is the final film and so, once we’ve done it, then all of a sudden, no more money, no more movies. We realized if we cut the last thirty minutes of the new film and then add another hour of stuff we’ll have part three of Mockingjay and another smash hit release on our hands.

But what is the new material going to be based on?

When we did the first few films, we left out some stuff. We short changed page 19 of the first book. So this way we can go back and fill in all those gaps. Jennifer Lawrence filmed a lot of stuff we cut out as well. So, that can all go back in, bits where she started laughing or got the line wrong. We’re also getting a lot of material from the appendices.

The appendices?

Yeah, it’s what Peter Jackson told me to say. The appendices.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 3 will be released in December, 2022.

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  1. Hi I was wondering if katness is going to beable to go back to the capital in part 3 of Mockingjay please let me know if she is by emailing me please and thank you

    1. I would hope so too. I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really want her to.

    2. If you read the books you get your answer.
      So many rely on movies. Read people. Read!

      1. excuse me but some people aren’t able to access the books. every time I would try and get the books they would all be checked out. So sorry hath u don’t think about things like that.

    3. Keep me posted on mocking jay part 3 also do you know when in december it will come out please email me back about my questions Are we gonna have the same actors in it??? Thanks for your time have a great day:)

      1. Yes she will be, Jennifer won’t be on the ballads of the songbirds and snakes because it is set years before her first hunger games and tells about president snow and how he had to mentor a girl from 12 that isn’t mockingjay part three that is a whole different movie

  2. Part 2 sucks its to long and the scenes cut to a different place or objective every 3 minutes and part 3 may not even be better and its in december so you shouldnt even be hyped about it till autumn.

    1. FYI I liked the Hunger Games mokingJay part 2 they did not have a different sence every three minutes. Did you like the Hunger Games mokingjay part 1?

    2. The movie is great it took such a twist with pressure Coins I was on the edge of the couch! Suzanne should really make a Mockingly part 3! But did katniss and Peeta get married or what?

    3. to say this mam you don’t understand that the base in mockingjay part 1 ,2 ,3 is serious films that tell there is no 3 minutes how it fail the film but i do respect your thoughts

  3. Peeta and katnis are so cute! Make a movie of there life after they had there kids please! Email me to get notified!!!!!!! ☺☺

    so bummed that I can’t watch part 3!

  4. Gale needs to get out of District 2 like faaammmmm. No. Get your butt back to District 12 where you belong

  5. Omg KATNISS and peeta are a great couple
    Mockingjay Part 2 was soooooo good I really like but sad how finnick dies
    I think a mockingjay part3 will be a great idea but I’m really confused of how they will make the movie there are only 3 books and the last book Mockingjay is spit into the two movies so the third movie will be off the top off the head any way super excited anyway

    1. I agree with you on that I think that there gonna make it were gale his back to distract 12 finds out Peta and Katneiss had kids and make sure to protect them and Katneiss dies at the end or there might be a twist to the third mockingjay that what I think should happen

  6. Can you make it years after the kids are like twelve (the girl anyways) and make it how Katniss hides Prim’s stuff and reaping dress she wore on her Reaping somewhere and the daughter finds it and loves it and tries it on and goes to show her mom,Katniss,and when Katniss sees her daughter in Prim’s reaping dress,she smiles and says,”better tuck that little duck tail,Prim”

  7. OMG I love hunger games in general and peeta and katniss are a cute couple gale needs to get out of the pic lol anyway I love that there is a mocking jay part 3 it will be so awesome I can’t wait

  8. If katniss was the mockingjay and president snow and the hunger games ended because of her then y isn’t she president

  9. omg i loved the mockingjay part 2 it was amazing plz plz can they do a mockingjay part 3 plz its just so amazing maybe they could do part 3 when like the children are the same age as prim and like they join he hunger games and the little baby girl peeta and catniss have should like have a reaping dress he same like prim did btw they are so cute peeta and catniss and like maybe catniss and peeta can like go back to the it so much

  10. Love the hunger games!!part 3 will be amazing cant wait!!!!!
    Wish prim didn’t die in part 2 though and that her mum came back with her to live. LOL

  11. Love the hunger games!!part 3 will be amazing cant wait!!!!!
    Wish prim didn’t die in part 2 though and that her mum came back with her to live. LOL

  12. I was sick yesterday and today and i wachted all of the hunger games movies!!
    i loved it and katniss and peeta are such a great couple! i’m very exited.

  13. I loved every single one of the movies!!! If it’s true and there will be a mockingjay part 3 I am so so excited!!! Thank you so much and respond to me or just read this if you need more of a cast!!!!

  14. You all want to know what will happen, but the directors and producers won’t guve any insight until a few months before the release date, so quite pestering for details.

  15. I believe it but I don’t think its official because if a person that is the movie there would be spelling mistakes cause the end it said din December 6 2017

  16. I really hope there is a mockingjay part three.I just finished seeing mockingjay 2 and was welling to see the third one. When I found out there was not a third one,I broke into tears because I wanted to see more. I really hope their is a mockingjay 3…

  17. I really hope that Mockingjay: Part 3 comes out. I just finished binge watching the whole series and it got me in tears, especially the parts when Finnick, Prim, and Cinna dies. I just can’t get enough of the Hunger Games. I especially can’t get enough of Katniss, and she is my heroic and courageous role model. And as always, “May the odds be ever in your favor”.

  18. I thought that all three movies were well done and ended where it needed to. I was disappointed that Katniss and Gale parted ways though. Peeta’s a sweet and brave boy and a wonderful friend, but Gale is a man who protected her family while she was at the games. He was an important soldier in the fight against the Capitol. Gale seems to be a better match for Katniss’ strong personality, I think. I will read the books for more insight into the characters.

    1. But peta is more suitable for katness because he is balances her out as she balances him out. They are just an over all good match and I just really can’t wait for Mockingjay part 3!!! Jennifer Lawrence is literally my favorite actress/actor. I mean like she is the best actor in my opinion and I can’t wait to see her in more movies, especially a possible Hunger Games continued:)

  19. This is all just a fraud. They aren’t making a part 3. If they were, it’d be on more sites and the quotes would have been laid out better. We’ll just have to wait until December 2017 then.

  20. Hi , I’m Dell from District Malaysia . I’m really really really like The Hunger Games film from the first movie until the Mockingjay Part 2 and it’ll be continued. I’ve fall in love with KATNISS !!!! I hope that The Mockingjay Part 3 will be broadcast in Malaysia’s cinema on this December also. Really hope that

  21. Did no body remember katniss and peseta had a little boy? I MEAN SERIOUSLY PPL PAY ATTENTION! I’m so excited I can hardly wait and it’s almost here!!!! It will more than likely be about their children…. fingers crossed this sight is for real!! And I mean I wish the hunger games was real life. It would be so cool!!!!!

  22. if there were to be part 3 of the hunger games ;the director should take what the audience likes and expand on it. thenext part should be cheezy and fresher;lionsgate should gamble a second chance on the film;who knows it could be good;well may yhe odds of winning be in your favour.

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  24. This was published like 5 years ago is there still going to be a mockingjay 3 or is this just a rumor I guess I am saying is there like an actual evidence that they are filming or preparing for mockingjay 3

  25. I really love the movie.. Its already 2022 and we will wait till December to watch… Can’t wait..

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