HOLLYWOOD – Versatile Australian actor Hugh Jackman has revealed on his Twitter page that he has officially changed his name to The Wolverine.

Jackman’s radical move seems to confirm rumors that the actor is suffering from an identity crisis caused by playing the same character in six separate movies over the last decade. 

Celebrity psychologist Dr Emil Schaffhausen told The Studio Exec that this isn’t the first time an actor has suffered from Jackman’s alleged affliction:

Mark Hamill is perhaps the most famous example. He tried to change his name to Luke Skywalker but decided against it when he discovered that not only would he become the legal property of George Lucas but under US Copyright law Mr Lucas would also be entitled to 99% of his future earnings and his first born child. Johnny Weissmuller tried to change his name to Tarzan and made plans to live in the jungle with a monkey, though recently unearthed documents suggest that was not a mental health issue but an attempt to evade the IRS. Then we have the Bonds. At sometime or other every one of them applied to change their name by deed poll but producer Chubby Brocolli wouldn’t allow it. Though strangely due to what I assume is a typo error on his application, George Lazenbywrote that he would like to be know as James Boned and as far as I’m aware, legally speaking, that is now his real name.

Schaffhausen went on to say that although these identity issues are often temporary, in Jackman’s case he fears the worst:

I’ve heard Hugh is already in the process of changing his name on his previous films so for example every new print of Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige will say “starring Christian Bale and The Wolverine”. That shows that Jackman is intent on erasing his own past and creating a new one and that could have a permanent effect on his psyche. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow he put on a yellow spandex suit and fake claws and took to the streets to fight crime.

Tune in tomorrow for our shocking report on the day Hugh Jackman put on a yellow spandex suit and fake claws and took to the streets to fight crime.
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