may the fourth

HOLLYWOOD – It comes around quicker every year, but it’s May the Fourth again and so we’ve prepared a cut out and keep guide to how to enjoy this mkost special of Star Wars days.

The Studio Exec FACT squad are massive Star Wars fan, especially Star Wars: the Next Generation, so in they have spent the whole weekend in ther Studio Exec bungalow working up the best hints and tips on how to make the most of May the Fourth.

1. Say May the Fourth be with you to EVERYONE you meet. Even if you have to go to a funeral today, or you get arrested.

2. Spend some time with your sister/brother. Imagine they weren’t your sister/brother. Or that you thought they weren’t and then you realized that they were but only after you had ‘feelings’. Well, that’s what Luke Skywalker had to go through.

3. May the Fourth is the perfect day for going to the hospital and having your midi-chlorian count taken. Most hospitals will run the test for free, but they don’t like to advertise it and might even tell you it doesn’t exist. Don’t let them put you off. Use your Jedi mind trick.

4. Chop your son’s hand off. Don’t worry about the screaming and the blood, he’ll get a swanky robotic one in the near future and he’ll respect you for it.

5. Today is the one day you don’t want to look for droids. That’s the last thing you want to do. If you’re given the job of looking for droids today, ‘accidentally’ cancel the email.

From all at the Studio Exec Bungalow, May the Fourth be with you.

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