HOLLYWOOD – Following Netflix‘s release of the second season of the Kevin Spacey political drama House of Cards last week, exhausted marathoners will be delighted/distressed to learn that come Saturday Season 3 will be available for instant download. 

Spacey revealed that the idea of doing Season 3 had not originally occurred to him. 

We were waiting to see how people would react to Season 2. What we didn’t anticipate was how they would download all the episodes and marathon watch them over the weekend. By Monday, we realised most people had watched the Season and were ready for more. 

So Season 3 wasn’t actually ready?

No, we started writing the script on Tuesday. Wednesday we began filming that script while the writing team worked in shifts on the rest of the season, we filmed what they had when they had it. There are going to be some plot holes, but the important thing is content. But we realised by this point our audience will be as sleep deprived as we are.

House of Cards Season 3 will be available on Netflix Saturday.  

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