Wednesday 2 December 2020
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LONDON – The Lockdown horror hit Host is to get a TikTok themed sequel.

The sequel to Rob Savage’s Lockdown horror hit Host will take place exclusively via the TikTok app. The original film tells the story of a group of six friends who awake a demonic presence when they hold a seance via Zoom. Having achieved a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, producers quickly started thinking up a sequel.

We spoke to a source close to the creative team that brought the Shudder original horror film into existence:

Of course, you have to be very careful about how you do this. It’s so easy to take a great idea and then ruin it in the follow up. We do not want to Blair Witch this.

What’s the story?

As follows. The demon got loose because of the Seance. And yet because it manifested during a Zoom meeting, it can only really exist via the internet or phones and devices that are online. The spirit has to go viral and so it infests a series of TikTok videos, each more disgusting and frightening than the next.


I know. This is going to be a mixture of the atmosphere of The Ring with the body horror of Cats. As the videos spread the power of the demon becomes greater and greater.

So the film is on a bigger scale?

Absolutely. Host was only six people in a room. Eight or nine if you include people in the background. But this is going to be a worldwide movie, but though epic in scale it’s still all going to happen on TikTok. We’re hoping it’ll be a hit though we heard that the US are already saying they won’t screen it.

Host 2 drops soon.

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