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HOLLYWOOD – A legion of celebrities came out in support of Scottish Independence this afternoon and their ringing endorsement of the YES campaign could sway the as yet undecided voters.

The Studio Exec has collated the most sensational statements of support from the proactive A-listers:

Scotty was a good man and I know independence is what he would have wanted. Kirk out.” –William Shatner

I hate the English almost as much as I hate myself. FREEDOM!” – Mel Gibson

I’ve never been to Spockland but it sounds cool. Is Spock like, the King?” – Kim Kardashian

I want all the disabled people of Scotland to get up and vote. Even the paraplegics, you bitches have no excuses.” – Kayne West

That will teach those f*cking southern Lannisters a lesson.”– Sean Bean

Hey, I’m George Clooney. You know what I like after I vote for independence? A nice hot Nespresso.” – George Clooney

Woah, like. It’s heavy man. But heavy is good. I like heavy it’s got, weight. Yeah, so. Vote with your lemons, man. Citrus style.” – Johnny Depp

I believe in saving the environment and Scotland is an environment.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

I hear there is one guy in Scotland that hasn’t seen my vagina. I’m with that guy.” – Jennifer Lawrence

I’ve been living in Scotland for the past year disguised as a thistle. It’s a great country, I hope it does the right thing.” – Daniel Day-Lewis

Testing. Testing. Number 10. Number 10. The clown is on the stairs. The clown is on the stairs. Weeeeeeeee.” – Yoko Ono

Nobody puts Scotland in the corner” – Patrick Swayze

Scottish Independence. HOO-HA!” – Al Pacino

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