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HOLLYWOOD – The most popular Eighties cop show Steven Bochco’s Hill Street Blues is finally getting a film version, courtesy of Martin Scorsese.

The new film version will star Robert de Niro as Captain Frank Furillo, Daniel Day Lewis as Captain Belker and Catherine Zeta Jones as Joyce Davenport. Leonardo di Caprio will play Lt. Howard Hunter. Scorsese spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

For years I’ve been trying to make an epic of police vs. criminals film and I’ve done my best with Mean Streets, Goodfellas and Casino, but I’ve never really got there. I mean if you look at my career, you would have to say it is a complete and utter failure. The Hill Street Blues was always my inspiration. And now I have the chance to really do a proper thing and not that shitness which was Boardwalk Empire.

The story – set in West Chica-Brooklyn-go, LA – features a whole sequences of crime stories and private lives that will be intertwined and resolved in the space of 90 minutes.The story features an undercover operation that has gone wrong and will basically be The Departed but with a retro feel and a whole plethora of English actors will use their best generic American accents.

Hill Street Blues: Let’s Do it to Them Before They Do it to Us will be released in 2016.

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  1. This is the most asinine article I have read. A 90 minute movie on Hill Street Blues? The asswipe who wrote this article is obviously not a fan of HSB for he would know that you don’t take a great show like HSB and condense it into 90 minutes. I tried it. I wrote a 2 hour movie version of HSB and guess what? It sucked! I wrote a 3 hour version with 14 principal characters and it is Oscar caliber. And the casting sucks! DeNiro way too old to play Furillo! Day Lewis as Belker? Are you fucking kidding me? And Leonardo Di Caprio does not even look at all like Howard Hunter. And Catherine Zeta Jones is beautiful but too old to play Davenport. You, Sir, must have your head up your ass.

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