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HOLLYWOOD – The Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey show True Detective has been canceled by HBO following criticism that the show was just not funny enough.

A source within the studio complained:

We’ve been giving Nic Pizzolatto notes throughout the run and he has obviously been ignoring them. When Nic first came to us with the idea for the show, he sold it to us as Woody from Cheers gets into a fix with love-able rom-com scoundrel Matthew McConaughy as two bumbling cops. He said it would be like Two and a Half Men meets Starsky and Hutch (the remake). When we saw the first episode, we sat in grim Nietzschean silence. Not one joke. Not a single one. And McConaughey looks like he has AIDs, which is not – to put it mildly – a laughing matter.

But isn’t the series supposed to be a weighty mood piece?

I’m not going to criticize everything. His female characters are good on the nudity front and don’t talk too much so he ticks those boxes. But the complete lack of humor, embarrassing situations and ‘zingers’ is fatal. And the plot is all over the place. We wanted laughs, resolution and on to the next episode.

True Detective is currently available on HBO. 

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