Earlier today Spring Breakers star James Franco became the first actor in history to request that he receive payment for his next role in the revolutionary internet currency Bitcoins.

We caught up with Franco in New York to quiz him about his ground-breaking decision.

James. Why Bitcoins?

Money is dead, man. Those dollars in your pocket are little paper corpses and that credit card is a mobile tombstone. If I were you, I’d light a match and burn it all immediately. Hell, I’ve got a match, give me your wallet and let’s do it.

Mmm. Maybe after the interview. So when did you first hear about Bitcoins?

I had a few friends over for a smoke and my buddy Pancho is like an internet genius and he spent about 7 hours explaining the concept behind these bitcoins. I was mesmerised man. It’s like my mind was destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed again and then slowly put back together like one of those crazy 1000 piece jigsaws. I’m a changed man from top to bottom.

Many of our readers may not be aware of the Bitcoin phenomenon,  and those that have heard of it may not have grasped exactly what they are. Could you give them a brief description of what a bitcoin is and how it differs from traditional currency?

Er. Sorry I don’t follow?

What is a Bitcoin?

Oh. Well a Bitcoin is this thing. It’s like money but it only exists on the internet and you have to mine these coins by setting your computer to solve these maths problems. Then these coins can be used to buy pizza and shoes and stuff. One Bitcoin is worth like, $40 or something. But, technically, it’s not actually a currency. It’s a bartering system. So you know. Three chickens are worth one cow and you can get a bag of lemons for a watermelon.

I have no idea what you just said.

Yeah. To be honest I’ve not got a clue how it works but it’s the future, man. If you’re not doing it, you’re an old blind horse wandering in a dark wood looking for a small carrot up a really tall tree.

I see. So now you’re receiving payment in bitcoins. Do you expect more of your fellow actors will follow suit?

They already have man. I played poker with Rogan, Apatow, McBride and some other cats last week and instead of cash we used bitcoins.

So I assume that one red chip is say, the equivalent to 10 Bitcoins?

Er. Yeah maybe. I’m not sure. I cleaned up though by the time we stopped playing, I gambled $100,000 in cash and won 80 Bitcoins. I thought the other fellas would be p*ssed off I’d won so much but it was weird, they were all laughing their asses off.

Amazing. Thanks for the Interview James.

Yeah Man. Cool. Nice one.

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