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HOLLYWOOD – The American Aviation Authority has bought Star Wars and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford a new airplane.

Following his recent near miss, the American Aviation Authority in an unprecedented move have bought a new plane for Harrison Ford. The AAA told the Studio Exec:

This is getting scary. You know how bad things come in threes? Well, we thought it’d be better if we purchased Mr. Ford and airplane he can use without endangering other people.

Ford told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

What happened the other day was scary and I don’t want a repeat of it. So I was so happy when the man from the AAA turned up with my new plane. What can I say? First of all, I love it. It’s blue, except for the undercarriage. That’s red. And then it has a propeller which goes round. That’s really important.

Harrison Ford will be appearing in Blade Runner 2049.

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