Friday 21 February 2020
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CALIFORNIA – Star Wars and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford crashed landed his private helicopter on a tennis court this morning, interrupting a game of mixed doubles.

The Blade Runner star was uninjured and was able to walk away from the crash scene. Billy Sidegrup and his wife Mandy had been playing against the junior partner in Billy’s law firm Oregon Stymes and his girlfriend Stella. Oregon had been putting the hurt on Billy and Mandy with his powerful backhand and Stella was proving just as athletic and lithe as she looked.

Billy told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

We were getting hammered – about to lose the second straight set when we heard this awful mechanical sound and this shadow suddenly descended on the court. We fled just in time because the helicopter came down pretty fast and busted one of its rails. Luckily the pilot managed to cut the engine and so the blades stopped moving and there was no explosion or anything, much to my wife’s stupid disappointment.

An ambulance and police car rushed to the scene but the 73 year old actor had apparently walked away from the scene. The Los Angeles Police Department have opened an investigation as it was revealed that Harrison Ford had crashed landed on a golf course a year earlier.

A spokesperson for the LAPD told the Exec:

Though we’re not treating this as suspicious per se, we do have some questions for Mr. Ford to answer. There is a theory that Harrison Ford is deliberately targeting sports based locations. This could be simply coincidence but we’ll be monitoring Mr. Ford’s flight paths from now on and if he were say to emergency land in a swimming pool or hang glide onto a basketball court then that would have to be game over.

Harrison Ford was unavailable for comment.

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