HOLLYWOOD – It seems like yesterday that a fresh faced young studio executive was first slapped in the face by David Niven’s mustache and my adventure in the Hollywood dream factory began. But times passes and even this new venture – a ‘website’ as I believe they are called – although so new is now actually one year old today. And what a year it has been.  

We went from a small twitter following – a mere one – to now tickling the lower prickly regions of 20,000!  The site that averaged 3 visits a day now clocks in at 2000. It hasn’t all been plain sailing. But here are some of the highs and lows:

  • William Friedkin accused us of ‘bullshit’ when we reported – correctly as it turned out – that he had originally intended to use Henry Mancini’s Pink Panther music instead of Tubular Bells for The Exorcist. 
  • Damon Lindelof responded to our petition to keep him from writing Star Wars Episode 7 by signing it! Revealing a hitherto unsuspected sense of humor.
  • Kevin Smith encouraged others to plagiarize the site when making stuff up about him.  
  • After publishing his criticisms of Lee Daniel’s The Butler, Spike Lee threatened to sue us for slander, until we told him it was libel. Our offer to start a Kickstarter campaign to help with his legal fees didn’t placate him strangely. 

Some have called us ‘The Onion of the movie world’, but others have liked what we do. If you are of the latter please pop a Happy Birthday message in the comments below or blow smoke up our ass via twitter @studioexec1. And don’t worry about lavishing praise and sycophancy on me. As I once said to Marlon Brando, ‘You want to put some butter on that’.

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  1. OK. I am a fan of studio exec. I started out to blow smoke up ass but got hooked on the articles. Like I have said, “You had me at Breakfast with Assholes.” I haven’t gone the Google route yet (On my way there next) but whoever you are – this is a killer site, the articles are clever and funny and engaging. The name dropping works when the names are A-listers you know personally and the Big Shot Studio guy who burns scripts mystery persona is a hoot – real too, I imagine.

    My friend Robert Spiotta was a Big Shot studio exec. Our massive egos battled for years. He is now a treasured friend. He too is really a very cool, fun, deep and interesting being outside that Big Boss world. So tell us – are you an asshole when playing at the Big Boys table?

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Studio Execs! Love the site – love your work. Just make the blessed social media buttons bigger please. My cursor got fat over the holidays!

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