CANNES – Michael Haneke’s Foreign Lnaguage Oscar triumph Amour stars Jean-Louis Intriguing and Emmanuellle Riva as an elderly married couple dealing with the onset and progress of a terminal illness.

It is a nuanced and unsentimental drama of startling power and insight, but it is in French. Frank Coraci – director of Here Comes the Boom and The Waterboy – has signed on to direct the American language version starring Guy Pearce and Jennifer Lopez which will improve on the original because you go to the library to read, right? Not the cinema.

I met Frank Coraci at a climbing gym in West Hollywood. Frank admits that he hasn’t seen the original film. ‘I watched the trailer, but you know it was kinda depressing,’ he said.

You’ve cast Guy Pearce and Jennifer Lopez. Why not just cast old people?

Who wants to see old people? I mean come on. They kinda smell and anyway did you say Pearce in Prometheus, he was like all wrinkly and what not. That was better than an old person. He walked kinda slow and spoke all croaky. Unbelievable. Literally.

The theme of death and mortality is a hard one for Hollywood to confront without sentimentality, how are you going to do it?

With humor and an uplifting ending. In the original, the old bird snuffs it I think. Well, that’s cos in France you might not have doctors and hospitals and things – I don’t know but I’m guessing – whereas here in the USA, you know, there are always options. This is gonna be a pro-life movie.

You were tipped for an Oscar nod this year  with Hear Comes the Boom. (CLICK HERE for that story.) Do you have any hopes Amour will receive some recognition?

I really had my hopes up with The Waterboy but when that didn’t even get a nomination I promised myself never to let my hopes rise to that level ever again. So I’m cautiously optimistic. But you know they never gave Hitchcock an Oscar and we’re on the same level I like to think.

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