The new Guardians of the Galaxy film to feature Single Use Plastic as its villain.

The new Guardians of the Galaxy film will feature Single Use Plastic as its villain.

James Gunn might not be directing the next Guardians of the Galaxy but Star Lord and his faithful band Groot, Rocket Racoon, Avatar girl and Drax will be back. And they are fighting a threat to the Planet Earth this time round.

A source inside Disney spoke with the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY Tuesday night: 

It’s fantastic. With Gunn gone, we can rethink the whole project. Instead of it being an irreverent space opera we’ve decided to go for something more socially committed. See if we can ‘Pay it Forward’, as Kevin Spacey insisted we do all those years ago. And what Kevin says, we do.

So in terms of story how is this going to change things?

Well, we wanted something socially conscious and we thought what is actually threatening the world at the moment? Aliens? No, not really. Thanos? Done that. So then it occurred to us, well Jessie, but I’m claiming it for the group, why not Single Use Plastic. That poses more of an existential threat than all the other mystical bullshit. I mean that stuff really is for comic books.

But you’re making a comic book movie?

Say what?

You’re making a comic book movie.

Yes. Thank you.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is out in 2019.

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