guardians of the galaxy

HOLLYWOOD – Paul Damizacco yesterday decided to dislike Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as a way of showing himself to be independently minded.

Despite enjoying the witty and action packed Space Opera, Damizacco was only halfway through the film when the idea came to him that he would claim that it was ‘boring, derivative and racist’ and began noting moments to support his thesis. Friends of Damizacco said this was ‘typical’ but at the same time were wryly amused by his obstinate perseverance over a jug of beer after the screening.

A close friend said:

I’ve known Paul for many years and he isn’t one who generally goes with the flow. He was rushed to hospital last year while trying to like Pain and Gain. His favorite critic is Armond White for crying out loud.

Damizacco was unavailable for comment and as he was devoting his time to message boards and Facebook pages promulgating his underwhelmed response. The reaction of the geek-i-verse has been swift and late last night a Fatwa was announced against Damizacco barring him from Comic-Con and any Cosplay event.

Guardians of the Galaxy is currently in theaters.


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