SEATTLE – Television viewers were shocked, stunned and amazed this week by the news that ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy hadn’t finished years ago.

Rumours had been circulating about the continued existence of the Seattle based series created by Shonda Rhymes, but it was only when actress Sandra Oh revealed that she was leaving the show that many realized the rumours were true and the show was still on somewhere.
“Didn’t that show become Private Practice?” Variety TV critic Brian Lowry exclaimed. “I thought it finished like in 2011!”

A baffled ABC executive confirmed that the show was currently embarking on its tenth season: “I think,” he said, checking a clipboard.

The show that launched the career of Patrick Dempsey and Katherine Heigl will have to struggle on without Sandra Oh, who decided to leave after a heartfelt period of introspection ‘because I would get more exposure delivering pizza. Seriously.’

Season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy will air in the Fall, 2013.  

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