HOLLYWOOD – As the Golden Globes 2014 come to an end, shocked faces were evident everywhere. Victory speeches seemed subdued; champagne was glugged in thirsty desperation rather then sipped; laughter was hysterical and shrieking. The elephant in the room was the total lack of nominations and therefore awards for Shawn Levy’s The Internship.

The knockabout 40 something comedy epic stars modern day Laurel and Hardy Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, playing two hapless salesmen who managed to wangle an internship at an unnamed internet company called Google. Theories were rife about why it slipped through the nomination net. Industry watcher Xavier Poulis commented:

Jealousy, envy and the sense that the film was so big, so important that awards would actually in some way belittle it, trivialize what was the Zeitgeist moment of 2013. 

Owen Wilson speaking from his Malibu home in Malibu was philosophical:

I think it was Kierkegaard who once said ‘You don’t win awards for crowd pleasing comedies about internet companies starring two of the most loveable rogues who were in The Wedding Crashers‘. It was in Fear and Trembling, or the Concept of Anxiety. Either/Or. Anyway since the disappointment a few years back with Marley and Me, I don’t even go to these things any more. 

Some laid the blame squarely at the feet of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association but spokesperson Jonathan Bowels said:

The problems were manifold and specific with The Internship. It wasn’t strictly speaking a drama and yet at the same time as a comedy it seemed too important to pigeon hole it just as that. As for the lack of actor’s nods for Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, I believe no one could decide between them and so went for their third choices.

 On an interesting side note if you google ‘Golden Globes The Internship’ you just come up with page after page of high definition images of dog turd.

Owen Wilson’s next film Søren and Me will be out in 2015. 

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