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HOLLYWOOD – The 75th Golden Globes awards will be held in total silence.

Tonight the 75th Golden Globes takes place at the Beverly Hills Hilton in Hollywood. Hosted by Seth Meyers, many have wondered what the ceremony will do to reflect the post-Weinstein world and the growth of the #MeToo movement which has shaken Hollywood. Already many of the participants have pledged to wear black to show solidarity for victims of sexual harassment, but the organisers have decided to go one step further and present the whole awards ceremony in silence.

A spokesperson for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association told the Studio Exec:

To begin with we thought we’d have a minute’s silence. But then we asked why a minute? It seems so arbitrary. So we decided that the whole show will be held entirely in silence.


We talked to Seth Meyers and at first we were nervous about how he would feel, but it turns out he’s a huge fan of Buster Keaton. He said he’d be happy to do the whole thing in silence.

It’ll be different.

It will be.

How are you going to do the announcement of the winners?

With title cards.

The Golden Globes screens this evening.

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