godzilla vs kong

HOLLYWOOD – Godzilla vs Kong vs Godzooky set up as the next monster mashup.

The trailer for Godzilla vs Kong hit the internet last week and generally impressed with its promise of city wide devastation. Director Adam Wingard is brimming with confidence to such an extent that he’s already talking follow up.

It seems the right way to go. We built this up really well. We had the two Godzilla movies and then Kong Skull Island. And now we bring all that set up into this movie and we double it, square it. Whatever we do, there’s gonna be  a lot more. Which then begs the question: okay but what next? You can’t just add elements randomly. It’s got to grow and mature and reach out to new audiences.

So what are you going to do?

We’ve got Godzooky lined up for the next film.

Godzooky? Like the irritating flying twat from the cartoon?

Yes, the really cool, kids and adults love him wisecracking nephew of Godzilla. He can summon his Uncle and more importantly he can work as an intermediary between the world of the humans and the Big Green one.

But he’s shit.    Godzooky

Absolutely. He also adds an arc, a layer of complexity. The young Godzooky is playful, but in the end needs to choose whether he’s a Kaiju or wants to live in the world of his human friends. We’re also going to get some new cast members. One who served as a surrogate father for Godzooky.

Oh good. Who?

Mark Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg? He’s fucking shit. 

Yes! We’re as excited as you are. Mark is a double threat because he can play comedy in the scenes with Godzooky and he can stand around looking up with his mouth open in a look of slack faced stupidity. he ticks all our boxes.

Godzilla vs Kong vz Godzooky hits cinemas in 2027.

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