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HOLLYWOOD – Following the news that Gillian Anderson was offered only half the pay of co-star for The X-Files reboot, it has emerged that she was also subject to a whole series of indignities.

A source close to the Chris Carter TV show The X-Files has EXCLUSIVELY told the Studio Exec that the different treatment of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny went further than pay differentials.

Almost every aspect of production was unfairly skewed against Gillian Anderson. When we were on location, a car would pick up Duchovny but Gillian Anderson was given a bicycle with The X-Files written on it. For lunch David Duchovny has lobster and his own Italian chef whereas Gillian got vouchers for the local Subway.

That’s disgusting.

I know and don’t even get me started about the drinking fountains.

Didn’t Duchovny say anything?

He was really upset when he heard about it and the next day Gillian got vouchers for Burger King.

The X-Files is currently being broadcast.

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