Friday 4 December 2020
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The Studio Exec doesn’t advocate the exploitation of young girls. Call us mad, call us crazy but that’s just how we roll. 

It takes an author of a certain, persuasion to write an article comparing two sixteen year old starlets sexual maturity and it takes a website of a certain, persuasion to post the damn thing. So in response to the ill advised, ill judged and mentally ill JoBlo websites click baiting  Moretz Vs Breslin Face Off. We’ve decided to host a bout between two hot ladies at the other end of the spectrum in the hope that our readers of a certain, persuasion who are getting their greasy kicks out of Blo’s greasy story learn to lust after more legal fare.

We’re not actually going to make Betty and Angie fight. Mainly because we sold our mud pit but also we think there is something a little weird about comparing the physical attributes of two women who have different physical attributes because they are two different women with different physical attributes. 

So rather than salivate over whatever bizarre sexual scenario your warped mind can conjure up. Just sit back. Perhaps with a cup of Earl Grey or tropical juice drink and just bask in the timeless beauty of these lovely, lovely ladies.

Ah….there. That was kind of nice wasn’t it?

Consider your sins absolved.

*The JoBlo article in question was removed from the site shortly after publication. Either common sense prevailed or they were arrested. 

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