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LONDON – Mad Max director George Miller has turned down the opportunity to make Mad Max: Brexit.

George Miller rejected an offer by the UK government to set his next Mad Max film in Britain.

A source close to the director told the Studio Exec:

We’ve had approaches from Prime Minister Teresa May’s office. They were actually quite detailed. They showed a post-Apocalyptic, post-Brexit world in which the economy has crashed and social order has broken down. The English countryside is ruled by gangs of marauding UKIPers and Corbynistas gone feral. Although this seems an exciting and credible storyline, the fact of the matter is we’re all just so bored of Brexit now. Who cares? Really?

The government however have responded that they are willing to do anything to attract foreign investment. A source close to the British Prime Minister told the EXEC:

We think that Britain would be the perfect setting for a Mad Max movie. Not only because of the possibility of the story. Let’s face it with unemployment back on the way up and a collapse in social services, life is going to be fairly cheap. No need to waste money on stuntmen and expensive extras. Plus we’ll be rid of all those terrible EU rules and regulations about ‘not killing people’ and not burning people alive in gasoline’.

Mad Max: Brexit is still in the development stage.

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