LONDON – Gaspar Noé has confirmed he has signed on to direct a remake of Richard Curtis’2009 pirate radio film The Boat That Rocked.

The original was a light-hearted and sporadically amusing look at a period when a motley crew of English Radio DJs illegally broadcast pop music from a ship in The North Sea but in light of recent revelations, the remake will contain much darker themes.

“Curtis’ film contained numerous tongue in cheek references to the attempted sexual assault of minors,” said Noé.

The English upper classes have always regarded child abuse as something of a lark. I think it’s because they regard Greek and Roman culture as being the height of civilisation and back then the aristocracy buggered anything that breathed oxygen. However the Jimmy Saville case and the arrest of other Radio DJs from that period has exposed their fetish for teen flesh to the general public and because of this, the originals attempt at dealing with these issues in a vaguely comical way seems even more ridiculous. I plan to use the skeleton of the script but to tell a very different story.

Noé went on to outline what changes he plans to make.

Well first I’ll get rid of the comedy which isn’t difficult as it’s a deeply unfunny film to begin with. Then I’ll add the necessary harrowing scenes, taking inspiration from the likes of Straw Dogs and my own picture Irreversible. As for the rest, I’m going to film it in black and white with a cast of unknowns and change the title from The Boat That Rocked to Rape Ship.

Rape Ship is due for release in 2014.
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