PARIS – Tragedy strikes as shock-meister filmmaker Gaspar Noe opens a night club inspired by his own film Climax.

Paris is reeling after Gaspar Noe opened a new night club based on his own film Climax. The opening night involved dancing, music and sangria with everyone apparently having as good time.

However, at some point something went terrible wrong and police were called at four o’clock, following a disturbing phone call to the emergency services. Witnesses described the scene as ‘shocking’, ‘horrific’ and ‘weirdly compelling’.


Noe himself commented:

I’m delighted with the way everything went. It was truly in the spirit of my film. And it was great to see how enthusiastically everyone took part. As for the people who died, I’m sure they will be pleased to have been part of a work of art which will be talked about for centuries. Or until I make another film.


Paris authorities claimed that the night club will remain closed until the investigations are complete.

The things we found made seasoned officers vomit. And it didn’t help that Mr Noe was filming the vomiting and kept yelling for us to not look at the camera.

Gaspar Noe’s new night club Enter the Void will open in Coventry England later this month.

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