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HOLLYWOOD – Dracula and Darkest Hour star Gary Oldman has appeared in public with an astonishing weight loss.

Friends of Sid and Nancy actor Gary Oldman has caused concern with his quick weight loss. One source close to the actor told the Studio Exec:

It isn’t quite at the intervention stage, but we’re worried. When we last saw him, in the Darkest Hour, he looked well out of shape. I mean fat, bald and grey. At death’s door practically. We didn’t recognize him. Then we saw him again recently and it was like FUCK! What the fuck happened to you? But you know Gary…

I do.

He was just like… chill.

We phoned Oldman up and asked him to talk truth to the EXEC. He said:

Oh, shit. I see what has happened here. People saw me in Churchill mode for Joe Wright’s movie and then they saw me at awards and what not, and they jumped to conclusions.

Cut the shit Oldman. What’s going on?


And that’s it?

Swear to God.

Darkest Hour is in cinemas right now.



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