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HOLLYWOOD – Game of Thrones continues with the news that Jon Snow is once more dead, but don’t worry chances are he’ll be back again next week.

Everyone was upset when Jon Snow died. But it wasn’t unexpected. Following Ned Stark’s execution, the Red Wedding and then that guy getting his head crushed, it wasn’t as if the loss of a major character was out of the ordinary. However, Jon Snow was handsome and innocent, famously ‘knowing nothing’ so his death provoked both upset and consternation. But it was with definite mixed feelings that fans greeted the news that Jon Snow had once more returned to life last week. Some believed this meant the show had gone too far, others suspected a fan service that was too craven,and even more feared that the showrunners had revived him only to kill him again at a later date.

Well, it turns out the latter were correct as in the next episode of Game of Thrones Jon Snow is once more killed. The manner of his death caused some eyebrows to be raised. Lumbering about in a Frankenstein like manner, Snow takes a header off the Wall in the final scene of episode three of season six. Although there was obvious shock value, the scene concludes with a shade of black comedy as Melisandre sighs and orders the Watch to go and retrieve the body muttering ‘Here we go again!’

Game of Thrones Season 6 is showing on HBO.

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