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 WESTEROS – The paint is still fresh on the finale of Game of Thrones Season 4, but HBO are already giving us a glimpse of a new character for Game of Thrones Season 5: Queen Ilesibiff of Angerland to be played by Helen Mirren.

The new character is a favorite of many fans of the George RR Martin books. We spoke with Helen Mirren about the role:

She’s an elemental character. Someone who basically has sat on the Angerland Throne forever and her eldest son Churles just wants her to go so he can take over. But she won’t and so he spends all his time breeding an army of walking trees. 

Walking trees! That sounds fantastic.

Yeah, it would be as well, but the trees don’t walk.


They just stand there.

So they’re basically…?

Trees, yeah. Churles isn’t the brightest character in the books. Hordor outwits him in an earlier chapter.

Oh no. 

Yes. But Queen Ilesibiff is witty and clever and extremely violent. She’s like a mix between Tywin Lannister and the Mountain.

Do you see any connection between this character and another character you’re played?

No, Ilesibiff is nothing like DC Tennison.

Season Five of Game of Thrones will be broadcast in 2015.

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