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Every week we are going to have an episode review of Game of Thrones Season Four which will include SPOILERS for seasons one through to the last episode screened of Season Four. 

WESTEROS – Charles Dance makes two new swords.

Jaime Banister gets a new hand.
A new character called Prince Ozric Tentacles is introduced, who is a sexy sinister psychopath. 
Joffrey is a toss bucket. 

Danearys Targattiun wanders about with a bigger army, bigger dragons, more boyfriends who secretly fancy her and at some point someone says ‘Let’s do this (cause you’re a girl)’ and she says ‘no, let’s do the opposite (cause I’m a surprising girl and now I’ve secretly won your grudging admiration. Am I right? Thought so.)’
Despite being a member of the victorious most ruthless family and a high member of the King’s government, everyone is still treating Tyrion ‘the Imp’ Banister like shit but he will no doubt outwit everyone, and shows that he cares for Sansa and proves the age old adage fall in love and become genuinely boring.
Jon Snow was boring before he fell in love. 
Thank the Gods for the Hound and Arya Stark liking chicken.

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