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WESTEROS – Fans of hit fantasy show Game of Thrones were left in shock last night, when the latest episode failed to have a rape.

A fan of the show told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

The sexual violence is one of the hallmarks of the show. Not to say that it ever condones rape, or treats sexual violence lightly for quick shock value, but it is there, if not as an explicit scene certainly as a threat. I mean there’s the sex and there’s the violence but more often than not there’s the sex and the violence at exactly the same time.

Writer George RR Martin told fans to not freak out, ‘There will be loads more rape going forward.’

In the latest episode ‘Hardhome’ Cersei got hit by a ladle, repeatedly. And she had to lick the floor. Sansa told Theon she’d chop his cock off if his cock hadn’t already been chopped off. Which has to sting. Tyrion wondered why Daenerys wanted the Iron Throne – he obviously hasn’t been watching the show because there’s very little real evidence she wants the Iron Throne from what she does. And Jon Snow, it turns out, knows something. As the White Walkers that he was concerned about for four seasons finally turn up in force leading to the high point of season five thus far.

For some, however, the absence of rape in the episode came as a relief.

Swiss expert Xavier Poulis writes in French cultural magazine Chapeau:

The sexual politics of Game of Thrones doesn’t need much analysis to detect an underlying misogyny. There are strong female characters, Daenerys, Cersei etc, surrounded by the threat of sexual violence but the portrayal of that violence when it does happen has been ambiguous to say the least. Look at the recent Sansa rape. The scene itself was curtailed, focusing on Theon/Reek’s reaction rather than Sansa’s suffering. In the following episode, we see a bruised and serially abused Sansa, but also with a creepy decolletage, as if now Sansa as we’ve seen her as a girl, has become a sexually available woman via rape! Rape, as a reality in a fantasy show, of course can/should exist, but Game of Thrones repeatedly mixes its violence and sex to the extent that the blurring makes for some very uncomfortable ideas.

Game of Thrones Season 5 continues on HBO.

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