Monday 30 November 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – A new entry in the Friday the 13th is going to break with tradition taking the new title Saturday the 14th.

Director Sam Raimi explained:

The folks at Camp Crystal Lake have had such a terrible time of it. They get murdered constantly and Jason Vorhees, even when someone does managed to kill him, never actually dies. So we had this idea what if we did a film about the day after Fridya the 13th. Saturday the 14th. The bodies are being collected, the police are beginning their investigations, the community once more begins to heal and Jason returns to his normal life as a star ice hockey player for the The Montreal Canadiens.

The Canadiens?

Yeah, he signed with them a few years ago.


So we have a return to normality and in this space we can also explain some of the problems that the franchise has had in terms of believability.

Such as?

Why do people keep coming to this place when every year, more or less, a bunch of kids get murdered. We’ll show the cover up that takes place and the dark government agency that goes around forcing people to foret what just happened so that there will be a fresh crop of victims the following year.

That’s terrifying.

I know. This is going to be my scariest film since Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Nothing can surpass that film for horror.

No perhaps you’re right. It was horrific in a Conradian sense of the word.

That’s what I meant.

Well it was well said.

Saturday the 14th will be released in 2016.

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