MIAMI – The latest news coming out of Miami about the Trail of Justin Bieber has shocked the world. How long must we suffer under this kind of injustice?

How long are Canadians going to be oppressed in this way by a vindictive US judicial system which attacks and hounds innocent teen idols and forces them to wear humiliating v necked blood orange/puce smocks and with trousers that come all the way up? The time has come to fight back!  

So he went drag racing with his rich friends in luxury super cars at high speeds in a residential area. Who in all honesty can say they haven’t done the same? Hand on heart, I do it every night of the week and twice on Sundays. 

This is simply an example of those vindictive 99%-ers who hate the fact that us rich folks have been given lots of money for the hard arduous work our parents or their parents or someone else way down the line has done. 
They hate Justin because he is rich, but he has earned every cent. They hate Justin because he is Canadian, even though that is just an accident of birth. 
But most of all the POWERS THAT BE hate Justin because he is a TRUTH TELLER and an ARTIST. 

They killed John Lennon because he sang about ‘Imagining a world without war’. They killed Bob Marley (I think) because he wanted everyone to get together and for everything to ‘be all right’. And now they are persecuting Justin Bieber because he sang ‘Baby, baby, baby, oh / Baby, baby, baby, no’. 

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