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MONTREAL – The savior of the Earth Randy Quaid and his wife Evi were arrested by Canadian immigration authorities yesterday and is being held pending deportation.

For years many believed falsely that Randy Quaid had died during his heroic defense of the Earth which destroyed the Mothership of the alien hordes just as they were about to finalize their invasion of Earth. It later was revealed by the Studio Exec that the hero was actually alive and well and living in Canada. A modest self-effacing man, Mr. Quaid was fleeing the adulation and demi-God like worship that such a heroic figure would receive as his due. However, the Canada of Stephen Harper is not a kind place for immigrants, even if you have saved the World from the yoke of an Alien master race. Randy Quaid and his wife were detained and a hearing to decide whether they will be deported or not will be held.

The Studio Exec believes that this is a horrific attack on an individual who has done more for this planet and for the human race than any other person in the history of mankind, with the possible exception of Jesus and/or Mohammad (delete where appropriate).  And so we are launching a campaign to free Randy Quaid and his wife from the clutches of Canadian bureaucracy.  He saved the Earth and therefore we owe him a debt of gratitude. Yes, even Canadians. If you are Canadian please write to your government. If you’re not Canadian, be selective when buying bacon, or syrup. Spread this story as far and wide as you possibly can. And if anyone contradicts the FACTS, send them to the Studio Exec, the only Movie Website to deal in FACTS.

Gary: the Tennis Coach 2 will be released in 2016.

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