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NEW YORK – News International – the owners of Fox News – issued a statement today in regard to the broadcasting of a picture of a male member during a news report on a tragic helicopter crash, promising that there will be more genitalia going forward.

The statement read:

At first we were shocked and appalled by the mistake, but as we looked at the ratings, we saw a definite spike during and immediately after the ‘Durden’ moment. This has made us rethink our policy and now we will be flashing brief almost subliminal images of c*cks and b*lls.

A spokesperson for the broadcasting giant also remarked:

Yes, there will also be plenty of female genitalia on display. After all, our motto is ‘Fair and Balanced’. And what could be fairer than that?

Do you think genitalia would spice up the news? Or are you shocked by it and savor that shock like an unpleasant smelling but delicious cheese? 

Feel free to soil our comments box below with your putrid mind gasps. 

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