Michael J Fox and Jamie Foxx will play a Father and Son detective duo in Bryan Singer’s remake of 80’s TV series Crazy like a Fox.

Nobody remembers the damn show,” said a despairing Singer.

We’ve got two actors of different races playing father and son. Five writers, one of whom could only speak Korean, have worked on the script. Our hundred million dollar budget has been reduced to 20 million. My cinematographer has just gone on sick to have a sex change operation and I’ve just been informed the release date has been brought forward. To be honest I’m thinking about jumping on a plane to Peru and never coming back.”

Singer was forced into directing the film by the studio in order to fulfil his contract and the picture has been beset with problems from the get go.

I had George Clooney and Channing Tatum in the lead roles but they pulled out. Then I had the ethnic diversity association on my back claiming I cast too many white people in my films. Now I’ve got the national mental heath board calling me saying I can’t use the word ‘Crazy’ in the title because it’s insulting to people with mental health issues. I mean that was the name of the f*cking show what the hell am I supposed to call it. Emotionally unstable like a Fox, Intellectually challenged like a Fox!?’

We asked 20th Century Fox why the are so keen on making a film about such an obscure series and their spokesperson Randy Feltch gave us the low down.

Basically it was the bosses’ mother’s favourite show and he promised her on her deathbed that he’d make a full length feature in her honour. His Dad’s favourite was ‘Street Hawk’ and David Fincher will be directing that next year.”

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