HOLLYWOOD – The Foreign Language Oscar short list has been announced and the good news is that the pesky good films have been produced by the rest of the world this year aren’t on the list. The Past and Blue is the Warmest Color are two such works of beautiful cinematic artistry which won’t be bothering the podium. 

Spokesperson Willing Hampton said:

This year was a very strong field and the last thing we want is another Amour. I mean we’re all there celebrating Tom Hanks and Pacific Rim and then these Goddam foreigners turn up with their ‘characters’ and their ‘serious commitment to cinema as a form of art’. It’s disgusting. So we’ve managed to filter out some of the best ones. 

Some good films are still in the list, however. Italian Dolce Vita update The Great Beauty is a favorite as is Scandinavian thriller The Hunt.  

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