As the holiday season approaches actor, raconteur and functioning alcoholic Sir Edwin Fluffer pours himself a large one, and introduces us to his Top Ten Christmas movies.  
Dear me, I must have had a snifter too many because I entirely to forgot to put number three in my Top Ten. Here it is now, and be a dear and don’t tell nurse:
3 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
This is quite simply the funniest movie ever made, but when I got my voting form for that year’s Academy Awards I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been nominated for a single Oscar! I’ve never known a worse travesty of justice! I wrote Chevy Chase’s name in every single category and then put a big tick next to it but to no avail, and so I threatened to resign from the Academy in protest. 

It was only then my agent told me that if I did they wouldn’t let me have my lifetime achievement award.  
In the end I decided it was best to just let it lie.  
Dear Chevy was very understanding, and he still sends a card every year.

The Shop Around The Corner
This was one of my first jobs in Hollywood!  MGM were sure they had another hit on their hands, but they were worried that audiences couldn’t understand what James Stewart was saying. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jimmy was one of the most marvelous actors that the big screen’s been fortunate enough to make rich and famous, but that voice of his could be a bit tricky on the ear. 
In the end I was called in to dub all of Mr Stewart’s lines, and I spent hours in a sound booth going through them over and over again. If I do say so myself the end result was quite impressive, but sadly the studio didn’t agree. They felt that having an English man dubbing the voice of an American actor starring in a film set in Hungary was just too confusing. 
In the end they had to get Jimmy back in to record all his lines again! He wasn’t very happy about it, although I was delighted! There aren’t many actors who can say they’ve been overdubbed by a star of his calibre, but I’m proud to be one of them. To this day The Shop Around The Corner remains one of my finest performances. It’s just a shame that nobody got to see it. Like when I danced on top of the piano and played the kazoo in Casablanca.

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