As the holiday season approaches actor, raconteur and fully functioning alcoholic Sir Edwin Fluffer pours himself a large one, and introduces us to his Top Ten Christmas movies.
1 The Muppets’ Christmas Carol
When I heard that the Muppets were filming A Christmas Carol I couldn’t believe that someone hadn’t thought of turning it into a movie before! Then I remembered that they had and I was very nearly in it! Yours truly was due to play Bob Cratchitt to Walter Matthau’s Scrooge, but then Jack Lemmon’s holiday was cancelled because of the bad weather and he suddenly became available. I was more than happy for him to take the role, but Matthau and Lemmon were no Caine and Kermit. Not many people know that Kermit The Frog was originally cast as Shelley Levene in Glengarry Glen Ross, but Lemon took over the role when Kermit had a falling out with Alec Baldwin. Whenever Kermit and I meet these days we still laugh about all the parts that dear old Lemmon squeezed us out of!

2 Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

It’s a Fluffer family tradition that every year we put up the tree then all sit together and watch Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.  People complain that it isn’t a ‘proper’ Christmas film because there’re no reindeer in it and the first time I saw it after having my cataracts done I had to admit that was true. For years I’d thought Tom Conti was Prancer. I’d also prefer a bit more snow, and maybe an appearance from dear old Santa Claus himself, and I do think they could’ve played it for a few more laughs. Maybe one of the guards could’ve got his hand stuck up a turkey, or there’s always comic potential with sprouts. And they could’ve put some sleigh bells on the sound track too. Apart from that it’s a 10 out of 10 must see film this Christmas.
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