Put it away Neddy!
Shortly before filming this scene for Sunset Boulevard poor Gloria Swanson lost her dentures in Arizona’s worst recorded yachting accident. I lent her my upper set and luckily they were a perfect fit!

You must remember this…
Here I am in Rick’s Café listening to Dooley Wilson sing As Time Goes By. This was actually the second take, the first was ruined when poor old Dooley sat on the thumb tack I’d put on his piano stool. He may not look very amused, but Bogie thought it was hilarious!

On your marks…
Every morning on Lawrence of Arabia we’d mount our horses, and as soon as the pubs opened at 11 Peter O’Toole would shout ‘charge’! The last one to the bar paid a forfeit which usually involved a fairly unwilling camel.

He’s behind you!

You can imagine my embarrassment at being involved in Spartacus, which surely must be one of the worst movies of all time. I told Kubrick he was making a huge mistake not telling the audience who really was Spartacus, and history has proved me right.
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