Saturday 6 June 2020
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For Your Consideration

As award season approaches veteran ham Sir Edwin Fluffer shamelessly campaigns for the recognition he doesn’t really deserve. Here are just a few of his performances from the last year that the Academy won’t find it difficult to ignore.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
I took the inspiration for this performance from my dear old friend Alec ‘Gin And Tonic But Not What I’m Working’ Guinness. His portrayal of the elderly Brahmin scholar Professor Godbole in A Passage To India has to be seen to be believed, so I paid tribute to that.  
Sadly the director felt it was more of a direct copy than a tribute and we had a slight disagreement about that. In the end I had to agree with him that it was not entirely appropriate for the role I was playing, which was that of one of the patients in the hospital with Maggie Smith. What the script didn’t make entirely clear was that my character had recently passed away from complications caused by pneumonia and emphysema, which is why you only see me lying on a bed with a blanket over my head.

Life of Pi
Without a doubt this was one of the most arduous shoots I’ve ever been on, and an actor of lesser experience would’ve found it a lot more difficult than I did! The idea was to pay homage to that wonderful Alfred Hitchcock movie, Lifeboat. Hitch provided his traditional cameo for this picture by appearing in an advert in a newspaper that’s found in the boat and a few of us decided to do the same as a little joke.
We spent a lot longer than we probably needed to getting the photo right, and if I remember rightly that was because I arrived on set slightly worse for wear after a very good lunch.  The trouble was that every time we put the newspaper on the raft it kept blowing into the sea, so after a couple of takes we just forgot about it. Sadly I never got to meet the tiger, but I’m assured he was quite charming.

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