Not Dana Andrews

No actor forgets their first Academy Awardnomination, and the nurse has kindly prepared a scrapbook to help me remember mine.  They said that a musical comedy set in the trenches of World War I wouldn’t work, but Over The Top! was a surprise hit, and my performance as Private Tommy Brown was singled out for special attention in the Best Actor category.  

Sadly it was the last of the so-called ‘Silent Musicals’ because as soon as the talkies came in audiences wanted to hear people actually singing. A very promising young actor called John Wayne never worked again because he couldn’t hold a tune. If truth be told Over The Top! wasn’t a hard shoot. We filmed it all in a studio one June morning, and the action scenes were taken from old newsreel footage and cut in later.

The obligatory affair with my leading lady (possibly Dolores del Rio but I would have to check) cost me my first marriage, but like I said in the picture: all’s fair in love and war! 
Needless to say I lost out on the night to Frederic March because he won everything in those days, but we had a drink afterwards and there were no hard feelings. 
Unlike the time I lost at Monopoly to Wallace Beery and ended up kidnapping his daughter, but that’s another story…
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