Me and Danny

Resident inebriate and charmer, Sir Edwin Fluffer gives us a fascinating insight into the making of the years most popular films.

This was quite simply the finest ensemble cast I’ve had the honour to appear with since Hollywood Canteen. I was very taken aback when the phone rang and I answered it to none other than Steven Spielberg! ‘Is that Sir Tom Courtenay?’ he said. ‘No,’ I replied, ‘it’s Sir Edwin Fluffer.’ ‘You’ll do,’ he said and I was on set the very next day! Of course this meant there was no time to rehearse and my performance may have suffered a little as a result.

Two bottles of champagne on the flight over and some terrible jet lag the next day didn’t help much either.  If I had to describe Daniel Day-Lewis as an actor I’d use the word ‘fussy’, but his father was a friend and his limericks did make me laugh. It all went wrong when Tommy Lee Jones bet me $20 that I couldn’t throw a peanut and get it to land on Danny’s top hat. Hal Holbrook was brought in to re-shoot all my scenes, so it was like Into The Wild all over again!

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