HOLLYWOOD – The Studio Exec publishes the EXCLUSIVE first look at the new poster for Presidential Hopeful, tycoon, hair model and Reality TV star Donald Trump’s upcoming biopic, Never Surrender

Donald Trump biopic Never Surrender will star Donald Trump himself in what is being described as a ‘balls out action picture in the style of Sylvester Stallone: not, repeat NOT for losers’.

Donald J. Trump himself had the opportunity to explain the film to Studio Exec in person:

The thing is I’m a testosterone guy. I like walking away from explosions and never turning back to look, or check I’m too close or something. People have criticized me for my comments about John McCain in which I inferred that he was a bit of a pansy for getting captured. They’ve even said that I’ve never actually been in the military or fought in a war. But let me make this absolutely clear, the only reason I didn’t fight in a war was out of a sense of natural justice. It would not have been a fair fight. I would have blown the Vietnamese away: all of them. Including our allies. And Richard Nixon was too namby-pamby to allow that.

Is the new film…?

And I would have used my catch phrase. ‘You’re FIRED!’ as I fire my rocket launcher at their Goddamned RAPIST faces!

So the new film…

Is a masterpiece. In the film I play myself and I do all my own stunts. I wrote and directed the film and I play myself.  It is the future. The United States of America is being invaded by Mexico and Canada led by disappointed presidential candidate John McCain. I am the last American alive. Everyone else has been raped to death. I kill everyone with machine guns, knives and what have you and as I do I shout ‘YOU’RE FIRED!’

Never Surrender will be in cinemas shortly.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.


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