PINEWOOD – Last night news came in that Harrison Ford had been rushed to hospital with what was described as ‘an ankle event’ during the filming of Star Wars Episode 7 and Studio Exec has.

The 71 year old actor had been using the ankle as a way of controlling his foot to which the ankle serves as an intermediary betwixt that appendage and the lower leg. Details were at first few and Disney only issued a statement stating the facts that Harrison Ford had been injured on set and normal filming would continue. However, with the arrival of this photo – posted by Carrie Fisher – important clues as to the Han Solo plot can be gleaned. 
First of all, Han has let his toe nails go. Never an avid pedicurist, Solo in his old age might just be letting them get a little longer for the additional pleasure of a hefty snip later on, or he might be growing them all the way out like some kind of Chinese nobleman from the Ming dynasty. Also he seems to have a taste for floral bedsheets. Could this be the ultimate cowboy finally acquiring a taste for Princess Leia’s domesticity and feminine touch? Or was the sheet perhaps provided by the hospital?
Intriguingly, a white board in the background shows some squiggles which could easily be a JJ Abrams’ drawn pre-visualisation of an important action sequence. It’s difficult to make out, but I’d go for a speeder bike battle against AT-ATs!
And finally the age of the foot. Han Solo must be 71 the age of the actor playing him or only a few years less, but the foot appears to be a quite young foot, leading us to wonder that maybe Han has been frozen in carbonite again! Maybe for the sequels he will be the same age and Harrison Ford has been made yuouinger in order to playbhim. If this sounds incredible, consider also that this ‘theory/fact’ would explain why it was Harrison Ford was doing an action packed stunt sequence instead of reading the newspaper and complaining about the age of policeman. 

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