smokey and the bandit

HOLLYWOOD – The Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY reveals the first sneak peek of Joaquin Phoenix in the new Smokey and the Bandit remake.

They’ve planned a Smokey and the Bandit remake for years. But only now does it look like an actual movie is going into production. A director has finally signed on and a cast is coming together. The first English language film by acclaimed Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan promises to be a hit. He’s famous for the action packed Once Upon a Time in Anatolia and Winter’s Sleep. He told the Exec:

I’m stoked. Smokey and the Bandit was a huge hit in Turkey. Except it was called The Mustache Goes Manly.

The Smokey and the Bandit Ride Again will also star Joaquin Phoenix as the Bandit originally played by Burt Reynolds. It will also feature comedy actor as Charlie Sheen fill in fame Ashton Kutcher as Cletus.

The official synopsis reads thus:

The Bandit agrees to come out of retirement to help his friend Cletus ferry a truckload of illegal Mexican immigrants across the border and through Arizona. Sheriff Buford T. Justice (John Goodman), however, knows that they are coming. When a runaway nun, Carrie (Elizabeth Olsen), hitches a ride all sorts of thrills and spills, chases and crashes and mishaps are promised… nay guaranteed!

Considered an affectionate reboot of the Burt Reynolds’ 1977 classic, the new film promises to be Fast and Furious meets The Hangover.

Smokey and the Bandit Rides Again will be released in December, 2020.

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  1. Really? Because it’s March 2016 now and if anything the will replace the bandit with a woman being chased by a misogynist man

    1. It is now May 2017 and all of those cast members are involved in other projects. Goodman is going to be starring in the reboot of
      Roseanne, Phoenix is involved in a mystery, nthere’s nothing about this in news about Ashton Kutcher and nothing about it in new about Nuri Bilge Ceylan. So is this fake news? I hope so. I guess we’ll see in the next few months.

    2. If they remake Smokey and the Bandit i think Chris Evans would be a good Bandit Blake Shelton as Snowman and The Rock Dwayne Johnson as Brufford T Justice

      1. Screw Dumbass Dwayne! That FuckTardrick came out for that Sorry Useless Assed Sleepy, Creepy, Perverted Crooked Hidin’ in the Basement Bunker Shotgun Joe Biden and that other Useless Assed Kamala Looking Wrastler Hog Head Harris!!!

  2. The remake needs to have burt reynolds having a son and his son has a friend and decided to haul beer from texas to south carolina in 32 hours!!

    1. I agree totally!! Can’t replace the old Bandit with a new one but have a son come in and finish the deal yeah I’d watch it.

  3. Matthew McConaughey would be the next great bandit!! And Carrie would need to be Sandra Bullock! John Goodman as Sheriff! Cleetus would need to be Lernado DiCaprio as Junior, Big Enis Bruce Willis or Geroge Glooney Little Ennis Danny Woodburn or Warwick Davis (Willow)

      1. Bandit = Bradley Cooper or Mathew McConaughey
        Carrie = Brittany Snow
        Cletus = Zach Galifinakis or Bill Burr
        Sheriff Justice = Lewis Black
        Junior = Mark Wahlburg
        B. Enos = John Goodman or Dewayne Johnson
        L. Enos = Jack Black or Kevin Hart

  4. HERE IS MY THOUGHTS about smokey and the bandit remake

    mark wahlberg as Bo Darville (“Bandit”)

    Sandra Bullock as Carrie (“Frog”)

    Matthew McConaughey as Cledus Snow (“Snowman”)



    1. Yeah ok , I don’t have a problem at all with the actors. My issue is with them hauling illegal immigrants out of Mexico. Im sure that Hollywood can come up with something a lot less political. Besides we have enough illegals now why the hell would a couple of good ol boys from the south want to bring in more of them.

      1. Hit the nail on the head. Bandit would not do that. If this is the way they go I will definitely not be watching.

  5. I agree totally hauling illegals from Mexico is totally off killter for this movie. It needs to be about beer or moonshine and keeping it closer to the real facts from the oreginal movie. If its about illegals I will not go see it.

  6. i have been a truck driver over the road yes most the time an outlaw driver and know all the trucker talk and how to beat or well get a load delivered and would more than love to be the new truck driver in the new remake of smokie n bandit movie

  7. Not buying the premise or the cast other than John Goodman as the Sheriff.
    I could see Larry the Cable Guy in Jerry Reed’s roll.
    Need a sharp witted comedian for Bandit. not Phoenix. Matt Mac could fit that. Or maybe a new comer.

    1. the video of the proposed remake ive seen goes as follows
      The Bandit=Mathew McConaughey
      The Snowman=Woody Harrelson
      Carrie (a.k.a. Frog)=Julia Roberts
      Buford T. Justice=John Goodman
      Junior=Enos from The Dukes Of Hazzard movie
      Big Enos=Burt Reynolds (not sure how since hes apparently dead)
      Little Enos=Danny McBride

  8. Ryan Reynolds as the bandit jessica alba as frog justim Timberlake as clitus chevy chase as sheriff justice and brad garret as jr now you got a block buster .kid rock has a beer it is sold only in Detroit have them make a bet to bring beer to Calli

  9. This is a different time! The CB radios and convoys faded with the 80’s. It will never be the hit it was then. There are some movies that need to remain the hits they were when they were.

    1. Well said, the problem is Hollywood can’t come up with any great, fresh ideas so they fall back on the great movies of yesteryear and do a piss poor job I might add

  10. If you do a remake get Chris Pratt to play Bandit as the son of the original Bandit who wants to prove he is definitely a legend like his father and give him a Dodge Challenger Hellcat to drive Pratt would make a great Bandit

  11. I think Josh Brolin as the bandit John goodman as Buford T Justice Will ferrel as Bufords Son and Jennifer anniston as sally Fields character

  12. New Bandit = Chris Pratt
    New Cletis (Snowman) = Justin Timberlake (No other options)
    New Smokey…Smokey’s Nephew = Jim Belushi
    Junior – New Smokey’s Nephew = Steve Howey (Van from Reba) or Ashton Kutcher
    New Frog = Mila Kunis (would already be New Bandit’s girlfriend
    Little Enos = Paul Hamilton Williams JR
    Little Enos Jr = Channing Tatum
    Cameo from Sally Field would be awesome – playing New Frog’s grandmother

    Current plot = Moving immigrants…offensive

    New Plot:
    The Smokey (Jeff Bridges) and The Bandit (Burt Reynolds) find themselves living in the same retirement community. They are both wheelchair bound. For the last couple of years they have entertained themselves by The Smokey chasing The Bandit around the community in their electric wheelchairs. The Bandit’s wheelchair’s battery starts to lose power and the Smokey almost catches him when he kills over from a heart attack as he yells the famous lines from the original (Ex…I’m finally going to barbeque your ass in molasses…and then kills over). Out of respect The Bandit asks his grandson to drive him to the funeral. At the funeral all the players come in on the scene. Little Enos is shocked to see that The Bandit is still alive and offers one last bet that he initially refuses but his grandson convinces him to do it. The new junior overhears their plans but doesn’t tell Smokey about it until they are half way back to Texas. Smokey freaks out and they turn towards Texarkana.

    Or something like that..

    1. Now this, this i like and kinda want to see! I’m not against the remake but it needs to be a better plot than what they have. You should submit this somehow.

  13. Talk about a flop in the making. The Bandit is a Patriotic American, never going to haul illegals into the US.

  14. You can’t improve upon the classics man that show is a national treasure don’t ruin it with dumb actors that can’t an will never be as good as the original

  15. No no no. These movies should never be remade ever.. we do not need updated issues to these great movies…

  16. Really Human trafficking? Have it lean more towards the original have them truck Yuengling beer to the west coast since it’s not sold out there. I will not even give it a shot if they stick with this storyline.

  17. You guys are all insane, noone can replace Jackie Gleason…NOONE AND NOONE can replace Birthday Reynolds or the snow man Jerry Reed if this remake happens it’s gonna be a shit show

  18. Stupid idea this movie is a classic and should remain just that. Stop trying to remake classics just to line your pockets with more money. Put those brains to work and come up with another great movie idea. And please PLEASE stop making those rediculous Fast and the Furious movies. 1-3 was good enough 4 was ok but now just stop it already…lol

  19. Please please please dont. You will ruin a awesome movie. You can never replace the snowman or bandit! Please do not remake this movie

  20. Worst ideal ever look at CHIPS the trailer sucks and look at Starsky and Hutch sucked even the original Starsky and Hutch said so they did a guess appearance in it and the cast oh lord no Goodman yes but as big Enos not Justice and as for the illegal aliens come in them good old boys made it famous running Coors beer give them a truck load of illegal moonshine to run from Georgia to Huston Texas now that’s a movie and give bandits roll to Chris Pratt and snowman to John Schneider and frogs part to the hot chick who played Harley Quinn in suiced squad and Bufordt TJustice part to Jeff bridges and junior to Ryan Reynolds that be a kick ass movie for sure

    1. In about an hour, I’m going to see Smokey and the Bandit Starring Burt Reynolds, Jerry Reed, Jackie Gleson and Sally Field. it’s being shown nationwide today and Wednesday, May 24th. That is the only Smokey and the Bandit that is kickass.

  21. You people are so stupid for remaking this amazing movie!!!! I am 13 and I love that movie!!!! KYS!!!! That was the best movie of all time!! Screw off!!!!

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  25. It’s great choice and perfect time to get on it, since the legend’s death just this Fall passed of 2018. Nice to know!

    On TV note, another 80s of TV side of series, have already shown trailer of the upcoming Magnum PI. I did not see that coming!

  26. Bandit was a good guy fighting against the stupid big govt 55 mph speed limit, not a human trafficker criminal. That Hollywood thinks this propaganda on importing illegals is something people would root for is just a measure of how out of touch with reality Hollywood is. No wonder they haven’t had a true hit in years, and are strip mining old movies to stay in business.

  27. Screw Dumbass Dwayne! That FuckTardrick came out for that Sorry Useless Assed Sleepy, Creepy, Perverted Crooked Hidin’ in the Basement Bunker Shotgun Joe Biden and that other Useless Assed Kamala Looking Wrastler Hog Head Harris!!!

  28. The ONLY way this plot is going to work is if the load of illegals was not known about when the load is picked up….

    Let’s say they get conn’ed to illegally haul a differrent load to mexico…

    Cartels get involved and broker a deal for their lives to haul the illegals back…

    Being followed by the cartel,they can’t know or snoop to find out…

    There is now room to make this work*
    Use it

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