HOLLYWOOD – The internets smashed into each other today when the first picture of Roger Moore as Pennywise, the demonic clown in the new Cary Fukunaga version of Stephen King horror film It.

The new version – It was previously filmed for television – is due for release in 2016, but speculation as to who was going to play the iconic clown Pennywise has been feverish. True Detective director, Fukunaga came into the Studio Exec bungalow to speak EXCLUSIVELY about the casting decision.

Tim Curry was a fantastic Pennywise and he was coming from a British theatrical tradition. The first name on my list was Roger Moore and when we phoned he said okay. I asked him to send us a photograph of himself in costume and he sent me this and I knew we had our clown. Absolutely terrifying.

Don’t you think he might be a little old?

I’m not an idiot. I know he’s getting a bit long in the tooth so I took the precaution of watching The Spy Who Loved Me and he looked great, so I think we’ll be okay.


I also got some episodes of The Saint and watched them. He’s fresh faced and fantastic.

Those shows are decades old. 


It: Bring in the Clowns will be released in 2016. 

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