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HOLLYWOOD – Then first Faith Based superhero movie – God Squad – is set for release on Easter Day and we have a full synopsis.

Ever since The Passion of the Christ, the commercial prospects of faith based movies has become a thing. The War Room continued the trend of finding an audience and The Young Messiah – ‘before he was the savior he was a child’ –  is hoping to share in the success. But perhaps the biggest step is going to be taken by the forthcoming Christian superhero film God Squad. The Studio Exec spoke to director, Xan Middlesome about the project:

As a Christian I see all superhero stories as effectively deriving from the Bible. After all, God and Jesus with the help of their trusty sidekick the Holy Spirit, fight crime, right wrongs and bring light to the benighted of the world. God Squad is simply an attempt to tell that same story but using more special effects.

Greg Kinnear stars as Pastor Norris, a missionary/scientist who falls into a vat of toxic Christopher Hitchens books and emerges with Super Strength and the ability to ignore evidence. Alongside Celibate Boy (Angus Jones), Kinnear fights against the Axis of Evidence Based Science led by arch enemy Pritchard Hawkins, a magnificently maned Braniac whose hateful indifference to dying children and sweet little kittens are the least of his crimes.

God Squad will be released on Easter day 2016.

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