Thursday 2 April 2020
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THE INTERNET – Joker argument over, says Twitter.

In a surprising turnaround, film Twitter has steeled its difference on the new Todd Phillips film Joker. Following months of discussion and sometimes toxic debate, those who hailed Joker as a masterpiece and those who said it amounted to the death of civilisation have apparently come to an accommodation. @NoLadyNoCry69 said that while he still contended that Joker pissed all over Citizen Kane as a movie, he could understand why it wasn’t for everyone. ‘People have different tastes and there’s no getting away from subjectivity. After all we all approach films with different life experiences. I for instance have never had sex, so that changes things.’

On the other side, @snwflkpussyht declared that although people who like Joker might well kill prostitutes in their spare time, not everyone will. ‘Some of my best friends are incels,’ she said.

The apparent truce comes as Joaquin Phoenix continues to pick up awards for his portrayal of Joker in the film. Even detractors have praised his performance as ‘if not the best acting, certainly the most.’

Some claim that the agreement is a sign of a new age of civility and tolerance on the internet. ‘This is very promising,’ said Michelle Obama.

But others are arguing that this might be a tactical detente and fighting could quickly resume the moment the other side relaxes. French cultural magazine Chapeau editor Xavier Poulis argues: ‘This is just like the Last Jedi peace of 2019. It lasted for thirteen days in May. No more. And then the fighting was bloodier than ever.’

Joker is in cinemas and soon to be released on streaming and DVD.


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