Kevin Smith and Bruce Willis

It’s a sad fact that not everyone in Hollywood gets along. Bette Davis tried to kill Joan Crawford with a hand grenade, John Wayne poisoned Gary Cooper’s wife and George Clooney punched David O’Russell in the testicles.

Over the next few weeks The Studio Exec will be examining some of the most vicious spats in the history of show business beginning with Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith who infamously fell out after working together on the godforsaken police caper Cop Out:

“Working with Willis was soul crushing.” – Smith (Marc Mahon podcast)

“Poor Kevin, he’s just a whiner.” – Willis (Time Out London)

“He’s an undirectable f*cking dick. “ – Smith (The Big Issue)

“Sometimes two people just don’t get along.” – Willis (The Mirror)

“The unhappiest, most bitter and meanest b*tch I ever met at any job I’ve held.” – Smith (The Big Issue)

“He’s clearly got issues and I sincerely hope he gets help.” – Willis (Esquire)

“I wouldn’t f*ck Bruce Willis in the ass if he was on fire.” – Smith (JoeBlo)

“I worry about Kevin. Whatever he had, he’s lost it.”  – Willis (Esquire)

“I’m not saying Bruce Willis is a f*cking retard. I would never say that, but am I thinking it?  You better your f*cking ass I am.” – Smith (The Snapper)

“He’s very sweaty and when you sweat that profusely, it starts to degrade your critical faculties.” –Willis (Zoo)

“How do I feel about Bruce Willis? I feel like beating him to death with my c*ck. I’d like to sit on his chest and slap him on his big shiny head with my c*ck until he suffers a brain haemorrhage.“ – Smith (Mad Magazine)

“He’s just sad, you know? He’s very sad.” – Willis (National Geographic)

“Willis is worse than Hitler. I mean Hitler did a lot of bad s*it, don’t get me wrong, but he wasn’t an asshole all the time. Willis is an asshole ALL the time.  I mean I’m not comparing him to Hitler, that would be stupid, but he’s like Hitler times ten.” – Smith (Judaism UK)

“I read somewhere that he compared me to Hitler. I mean how pathetic is that?” – Willis (Face)

“I used to love Willis in Die Hard. He was my f*cking hero but now when I watch it I’m rooting for Hans Gruber to shoot him him in the face” – Smith (Metro)

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